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Can Hybrid Cars Be Faster than Traditional Cars?

By maigne on September 9th, 2020


What are the differences between hybrid cars and gasoline cars?

  1. Speed
  2. Acceleration

The debate between hybrid vs traditional cars is nothing new. It wouldn’t be surprising that many people have taken the steps to compare these two modern marvels with each other, especially when it comes to performance. On the surface, there are obvious differences between hybrid cars and gas-powered vehicles. As you may already understand, a hybrid car makes use of at least a single electric motor and gasoline engine in order to power itself — hence, the “hybrid” modifier. Gasoline cars are powered solely by the action coming from the internal combustion engine.

With this in mind, can you really determine which of the two cars can be faster than the other? It’s definitely not as simple as that. Read on to find out more.


Car ride on road in sunny weather

Simply put, speed can be defined as the rate at which a certain body moves from one point to another. In your ventures, you might find outright that traditional, or gas-powered cars are generally faster compared to hybrid cars.

One reason behind this is found in how the hybrid car runs. As said before, these are powered by both combustion and electrical engines. However, the size of the combustion in an electric vehicle is significantly smaller compared to traditional gasoline cars. This means that the power produced would also be lower — but this does not mean that there’s nothing you can do about it.

Though hybrid cars can’t really be modified in order for it to possess sport or race-tuned suspensions, there is something that you can do with its batteries. A simple battery can already improve your vehicle’s top speed — just make sure you have the right type of battery. Another way of increasing your hybrid car’s power levels is by upping the voltage on the batteries. Manufacturers like Toyota, in particular, are using a power converter to achieve this.


Acceleration can be understood relative to speed, as the rate at which the speed is changing, or increasing. We’ve already established that gas-powered cars are more powerful and have a higher top speed compared to hybrid cars. Likewise, gasoline engine-powered cars have a higher rate of as opposed to the other type of vehicle.

Take a look at this situation. A 1.8-Litre hybrid vehicle may have a total power output of 178 bhp or brake horsepower. The same vehicle can reach around 60 mph in 8 seconds. This figure may not really catch your attention, especially since the many high-performance cars you may encounter can go at the same rate of acceleration in 3 seconds or under. A counterpart of the same hybrid vehicle, on the other hand, can accelerate at the same rate in fewer seconds — around the 7 or 6.5 range.

Like the speed of your hybrid car, there are also simple ways for you to improve its acceleration function. Simple factors like the owner’s driving habits or more technically, the car’s battery and cleanliness of its fuel and engine system can determine acceleration. The change may not necessarily be evident, but you’ll eventually find that a cleaner engine and a newer engine may all contribute to improving the hybrid car’s acceleration.

Key Takeaway

In choosing between hybrid cars vs traditional cars, it’s likely that speed and acceleration are two of the multitude of specs that you’re considering.

As a car enthusiast, however, it’s understood that gasoline cars are just faster and higher-performing compared to their hybrid counterparts. But there are also steps that one can take in order to have a better driving experience for their hybrid car. Making sure that the battery and engine are working in tip-top condition, as well as, adopting good driving habits on the road can already go a long way.

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