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Car Wash Tips for Your Toyota Wigo in the Philippines

May 28th, 2018


What are some crucial car washing tips that you may have overlooked?

  1. Proper Evaluation
  2. The Right Soap
  3. Surface Preparation
  4. Importance of Car Polish
  5. A Secure Finish


The Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines is the epitome of a compact car. There are many aspects as to why and how Toyota Wigos are practical and breathtakingly aesthetic. With the many excellent Toyota Wigo promos here in the Philippines, it’s no wonder that they sell like hotcakes.

Although Toyota Wigos are amazing utility vehicles, it is important that you wash them with utmost care if you want to truly preserve their majestic qualities. Whether you are a new car owner or a seasoned veteran with an established car washing method complete with steps and meticulous procedures, there are probably a few things that could significantly improve your car washing skills, and ultimately making your Toyota Wigo look good as new.

Below are five crucial tips that can make all the difference to your car washing routine:

Evaluate Your Car

Always Begin with a Thorough Evaluation

The first and most important step when it comes to washing a car is an evaluation. When it comes to evaluating your Wigo’s condition, keep in mind that if it is a new purchase, it already has a good coat of wax on it, so you only need to wash and lightly wax in order to maintain its glorious splendor. But if your Wigo has quite a bit of age on it, it definitely needs some polishing as well.


Washing with the Right Soap

When you wash your Wigo, it’s crucial that you remove every trace of dust, dirt, and mud. Make sure to always use adequate car washing soap and not any other soap-variant. Many people use dishwashing detergent to wash their cars. And although this may serve as a great degreaser, it shortens the life of your Wigo’s paint.


Preparing the Surface

If it is the case that you have just washed your Wigo, and there appear to be some traces of scratches and paint oxidation, you can go the extra mile by using a clay bar and dual-action compound to remove these stubborn nuisances and restore the Wigo’s signature smooth paint.


The Importance of Polishing

Similar to the lotion that we apply on our skin, car polish is also best applied to your Wigo in order to add a depth of color (especially for dark colored Wigos). Many people confuse polishing with waxing, but the main difference is that polishing removes scratches, while wax adds more gloss and protection to the exterior.

Maintaining Shine and Gloss

Maintaining Shine and Gloss with a Perfect Finish

If you have a deep desire to preserve that goosebump-inducing wet glossy look, then using the newer synthetic polymer waxes is perfect for your Wigo. They may be a tad bit pricier, but they are incredibly easy to apply. Apply the wax on a foam applicator and rub it in a swirling motion. Finally, wipe off the haze with a microfiber towel.


Key Takeaway

The Toyota Wigo is the Philippines’ premiere budget-friendly compact car with a distinct and flawless exterior coating. If you have just purchased one with the many excellent Toyota Wigo promos here in the Philippines, make sure to keep the tips listed in this article in mind when giving it a regular wash.


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