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Remembering the Classics: Discontinued Toyota Cars That People Still Love Today

By maigne on September 25th, 2018


What discontinued Toyota cars do people still love today?

  1. Toyota Celica
  2. Toyota Supra
  3. Toyota MasterAce
  4. Toyota Corona


If there was one word that perfectly describes Toyota, it would be “timeless.” That is why many people still see its value in the discontinued cars from the brand. Before the rise of renowned, modern automobiles like the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, there were classic Toyota cars that captured the hearts of many car enthusiasts all over the country.

Even after they are discontinued by the company, there are still people who chase the opportunity to drive one of these babies! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember the classics from the impeccable name in the auto industry, Toyota!


Toyota Celica

Toyota Celica

Source: Wikimedia Commons

With almost three decades to its name, the Toyota Celica was, and still is a beloved car by everyone around the world. Since its debut in Japan, the Celica has gained an impressive following until and after its last production year in 2006. It was offered in various types such as the liftback, the coupe, and a handsome convertible. The Toyota Celica is the first mass-market sports car to be produced outside of Japan and it packs an impressive 104 mph (167.37 km/h) as its top speed, going 0-60 mph (0-96.56 km/h) in just 11.5 seconds! This car is sorely missed today because of its standout personality and high-quality performance, earning the loyalty of a number of fans who continue to revere its glory until today.


Toyota Supra

From the Toyota Celica, there came a variation in the form of the Toyota Supra. Streets were lined by this stylish car and it made a character for itself even if its styling was derived from the Celica. The main difference between the two, however, is that the Supra was longer and wider than its predecessor. It also inherited the M engine from the Toyota Crown and the 200GT’s M engine. Production of the Toyota Supra was officially ceased by 2002 in Japan but it still a widely appreciated Toyota vehicle around the world.


Toyota MasterAce

Toyota MasterAce

Source: Wikipedia

With Toyota’s commitment to providing vehicles suitable for families comes the Toyota MasterAce. Equipped with a simple design but a superb performance, the Toyota MasterAce was the choice for families in the Philippines. While the Toyota Wigo is categorized as a great family car, before this generation’s models, it was preceded by the presence of the Toyota MasterAce. The family van has had several variations from its original style like the Toyota Van and the Toyota Space Cruiser. Eventually, the Toyota Previa replaced the MasterAce and it has been a great homage to the classic car since then.


Toyota Corona

When its production began in 1957, it became a popular choice among car enthusiasts. The first generation of Toyota Coronas gave people a sleek and dapper car style combined with a powerful performance. This model was discontinued in 2002 and replaced by the much larger-bodied Camry.

Today, you can still see the Toyota Corona coupes line up the streets and it still holds its own ground in terms of style and high-quality performance. Many vintage car enthusiasts see the Corona as a sound investment for their car restoration project. As versatile as the Toyota brand, the Corona continues to hold its own ground in terms of style and high-quality performance.


Key Takeaway

Although the production of these cars has come to a halt, they still hold a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. These discontinued cars are considered classics for a reason — because they still continue to match today’s concept of what a quality car should be like. If you are looking for cars that effectively carries the brand name of Toyota, you can find them in these classic models and in the models of this present generation as well. This is a true testament to the unchanging commitment of Toyota to providing high-quality vehicles.

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