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3 Ways to Disinfect Your Car from COVID-19 During the Lockdown

By maigne on June 8th, 2020


How do you disinfect your car from COVID-19?

  1. Choosing the Right Cleaning Agents
  2. Clean Leather Easily
  3. What To Avoid


Disinfecting your car against COVID-19 should be a daily routine if you frequently use your car for errands. By washing your hands and disinfecting any high touch surface, you create an effective wall of defense against COVID-19. If someone else has been inside your car and they’ve shown symptoms of illness, it’s high time you disinfected your car’s surface. Here’s how you can disinfect your car effectively.


Choose the Right Cleaning Agents

Choosing the Right Cleaning Agents

Not all cleaning agents are created equally. Some can even damage your car’s interiors if you fail to choose the right one. These cleaning agents may have formulations that are harsh for your car but are perfect for your bathrooms or your kitchen. You need to pick a cleaning agent that’s gentle enough for your car but can still eliminate any pathogens that fester on the surface. The safest cleaning agent you can use isopropyl alcohol. It’s widely used in a lot of production plants. Isopropyl alcohol can help remove stains, residues, bacteria, and viruses when used correctly. However, if you have leather interiors, avoid using alcohol on the surface as it can remove the protective film on the leather which can cause it to deteriorate quicker. Use alcohol with a good microfiber cloth and use gentle motions to disinfect your surface.


Clean Leather Easily

Clean Leather Easily

For leather interiors, soap and water will do just fine. It’s the safest and most sufficient way to clean leather surfaces without damaging it. As long as you avoid scrubbing the surface harshly, you can effectively clean away any pathogens. It’s similar to washing your hands where you need the right balance of soap and water to effectively clean yourself. The same goes for your leather surfaces. Treat it delicately while focusing on removing those pesky germs and viruses.


What To Avoid

What To Avoid

Like any cleaning procedure, there are some cleaning agents and techniques you should avoid. Bleach and hydrogen peroxide can be very harsh to your car’s interiors. It can damage the surface of your car interiors if you leave it on too long. Although these cleaning agents can be watered down, there’s still a risk of discoloration and significant damage. Avoid using these as much as possible. As mentioned in the previous section, soap and water are some of the safest you can use. However, too much water when cleaning can cause water damage. Don’t let the water absorb into the leather and don’t let it linger on the textiles. If not properly dried, it can cause unpleasant odors. The way you use these products requires enough friction but not too much that it damages the surface. Use the right pressure and microfiber cloth to effectively destroy any pathogens that are resting on your car interiors.


Key Takeaway

As a car owner, it’s important to know techniques when it comes to disinfecting your car against COVID-19. If you use your car daily or errands and work, it’s much better to have it clean and sanitized in order to prevent infections. Try these different ways to keep your car safe and clean from COVID-19.

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