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How to Maintain the Interior of a Car

By Vic on April 19th, 2017


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Every autophile and drivers in general know that it’s very important to maintain a car, from keeping everything in good functioning condition to its overall cleanliness. Whether your vehicle has the stylish interior of a Toyota Altis from the Philippines or the luxurious exterior of a sports car from pretty much anywhere in the world, cleanliness is the real virtue in the car game.

Washing the exterior is easy enough for most drivers. The insides are a little trickier to deep clean. With that being said, do continue reading to know the best ways to maintain the interior of your vehicle.


Dispose of trash and unnecessary rubbish

Take everything you see in the car that’s not supposed to be there and toss it in the trash. This primarily includes wrappers and unimportant receipts. This does not include the box of your ex-partner’s things. If it doesn’t need to be in the car, get rid of it.

Wipe and vacuum

The inside of a vehicle is also prone to dust and other elements. Grab an old rag, wet it with plain water, and start wiping. Once you see how spotless your car looks in the inside, you’ll wonder why you ever delayed the wipe down! It also helps if you grab a vacuum cleaner and get in between the crevices of your seats to get the dust out.

Disassemble the seats to get through tougher spots

This can be a continuation from the previous number. If you really want to deep clean a car, you should know that there are areas too deep for a vacuum to reach. Get some help to remove the backseat for a while to clean the area underneath it, eliminating any odors that may emanate from underneath. For the front seats, all you have to do is push it all the way forward or backward to get to those spots and start cleaning. Just be sure to put it all back together properly once you’re done.

Avoid spilling anything on your car seats

As drivers and passengers, the feeling of hunger overwhelms many, therefore enticing anyone to a drive-thru. The reason this notion made it on the list is because the act of spilling drinks on one’s upholstery is something comparable to the end of the world as you know it. This is not to discourage anyone from eating in their car but just a reminder to be careful as some stains are extremely difficult to get out.

Spray with disinfectants to keep it fresh

 With all the hubbub about how to keep your interior clean, it’s also great to keep it smelling fresh. Spray some scents every once in a while to keep it smelling fresh even when you’re not driving. Nothing too overwhelming though!


If you’re blessed enough to have a car, you should know how to take care of it!

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