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How To Keep Your Hybrid Car In Good Shape During The Pandemic

By maigne on August 3rd, 2020


What do you need to do for hybrid car maintenance during the pandemic?

  1. Oil Change Intervals
  2. Oil Viscosity
  3. Batteries
  4. Cooling

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. This investment is a way to save money on gas while also reducing your environmental impact. However, due to the pandemic, it may be a challenge to maintain your hybrid car. These innovations still have a long way to go when it comes to local workshops. If you’re stuck at home, here are a few things you can do for hybrid car maintenance during the pandemic. Here are some things you need to know.

Oil Change Intervals

Oil Change Intervals

The difference between hybrid cars and traditional cars is apparent from engine construction. Studying your owner’s manual will help you determine oil change intervals. In theory, oil changes for hybrid cars will take longer. For an ordinary combustion engine, the usage of the engine tends to be more frequent. It’s recommended to change oil frequently. In the case of hybrid cars, the oil change interval is longer. Be sure to check the manual and record your oil changes to make it easier for you to track.

Oil Viscosity

Typically, traditional vehicles will use high viscosity oils. However, a hybrid car will prefer a lightweight oil. The low viscosity oil ensures that the engine is properly lubricated and that you get the best fuel economy. If you load your hybrid vehicle with heavy oils, it can cause drag while driving. The hybrid engine system must run smoothly to ensure all the different phases of the hybrid vehicle operation are optimized. Choosing a low viscosity oil improves the oil flow when you start. This results in faster delivery of oil pressure build-up and gives you the operating temperature you need in a shorter amount of time.



The battery of your hybrid vehicle is a critical component. Many hybrids will operate using dual batteries. One battery will power the small engine while the other stores power for the electric motor. These two work together to successfully power up your vehicle. Because of the dual nature of these batteries, it’s recommended that you check on them monthly. Make sure the connections are secure and that there are no signs of corrosion. Check-in on the water levels as well and keep it at the optimum amount.


A lot of heat is produced when you use your hybrid car. This is all attributed to the regenerative brake system alongside the batteries. It’s important to avoid overheating the car to keep it in prime condition. Routinely check individual parts such as hoses, clamps, additional air filters, and piping. Focus on the ones used in the motor, battery heating, and cooling system to keep your routine on track.

Key Takeaway

Hybrid car maintenance during the pandemic should be done frequently if you want to keep your car in top condition. It’s best to visit a professional to get a full assessment and proper maintenance. However, there are cases where this isn’t possible. You can certainly do the bare minimum at home without sophisticated tools and gadgets.

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