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Going on a Long Drive? 4 Things to Check on Your Car

By Vic on December 10th, 2016




You and your friends have been planning this trip since a few months back, a road trip to experience the different provinces of the Philippines. Toyota Altis, your old reliable is what you decide to bring. As a designated driver, you are responsible for the safety of all passengers in your car, so it is imperative that you make sure your car is in tip top shape. The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of a highway or a province you’re not familiar with. That’s why you should take note of a few things that you should check before going on your adventure.



Check the status of your tires both for safety and efficiency. The first step is to check the physical condition of your tires, whether it still has enough thread left for the journey and whether there are any signs of damage. Next is checking the air pressure, as having the right amount of air in your tires makes sure you make the most of the fuel you have. This is also to prevent any tire blowouts or flats. ALWAYS keep a spare tire in your car, and check it as regularly as you check the ones in use.


When travelling to areas where there are wide open roads and little to no traffic, it’s tempting to step on the gas and go as fast the speed limit allows. What you don’t want happening at this point is to lose the ability to slow down or stop the car. Make sure that your brake pads do not squeak or make any weird noises. If they are, maybe it is time to replace them. Also make sure your brake fluid levels are not low.


One of the worst things that could happen is you stranded in the highway because you can’t start your car. Make sure you have a freshly charged battery so that you’ll be prepared for any circumstance that may arise. Check the terminals to see that they’re free from corrosion. Remember that your car is just another hunk of metal on wheels without the battery so make sure you have enough power for the trip and back.


Long road trips usually require you to drive through the dark at some point and you’re going to need those car lights to be able to navigate through it properly. Leave no light unchecked! Whether it’s the brake lights, indicators, full beam, or fog lamps, make sure they are all in good condition. You won’t want to be driving down a dark road and not have the lights to guide you.


Don’t let excitement overpower your sense of responsibility. Have your car checked out by a professional a week before the trip (you need the regular car maintenance anyway!) to ensure everything is in tip-top shape. These professionals will also make sure to give you options for the best course of action you could take on issues any issues that may come up. Check out these other tips for prepping for a road trip as well!

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