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Tips to Maintain Your Car During Quarantine

April 17th, 2020


What are some tips to maintain your car during quarantine?

  1. Check up on your car
  2. Clean your car’s interior and exterior
  3. Take it out for a drive
  4. Change or clean your filters
  5. Battery and tire checks


People all over the globe have been shutting themselves off from society in fear of the deadly coronavirus. However, this doesn’t mean that we are excused from the tasks that we have been used to before. One of the responsibilities that you should attend to is to maintain your car during quarantine. It would be a chore seeing as there aren’t a lot of people who are actively going outside for a drive, but taking the necessary steps to take care of your car can help you especially in times of emergencies. Check out some of our tips below to help you maintain your ride during this lockdown.


Check up on your car

Make sure that you get to check under the hood because this is one of the measures that you should do to maintain your car during quarantine. Check if you would need an oil change or if one of your car parts needs a replacement. Since there are many closed establishments during the quarantine, you can take advantage of online shops to buy the replacement parts you might need.


Clean your car’s interior and exterior

man cleaning steering wheel

One of the best ways to maintain your car during quarantine is to clean like crazy. Ward off dust and grime from your car’s exterior and crank your vacuum for dirt on the interior. Remove all the junk that you can find in your car and make sure to keep it spotless because this is also a good preventive measure to fight the virus. Clean as much as you would please and you will be rewarded by a well-functioning machine in return.


Take it out for a drive

Letting your car go idle for a long period of time can cause problems for it in the long run. If your car is left alone, chances are that its fuel might spoil which can cause problems for your fuel tank since this can accumulate sediments at its base. As long as you don’t go out of the bounds of the imposed curfew on your neighborhood, it’s fine to drive around your block for 20-30 minutes.


Change or clean your filters

car air filter

Make sure to check under the hood if your fluid levels are optimized, or if they would need an immediate replacement. Monitor if there are leaks or if the filters have been filled with dirt, leaves, or dust. When in doubt, check the owner’s manual to help you see what areas you should pay attention to.


Battery and Tire Checks

Since there’s no telling when quarantines would last, it is important that you should also take care of your car battery. Keeping your battery in tip-top shape is one of the reasons why you should take your car out of the driveway once in a while. You could also try disconnecting the battery if you’re not really planning on driving for the whole duration of the quarantine. This way you wouldn’t risk your car battery from dying out. Additionally, you should have a portable car battery charger in handy just in case you need the car to help you attend to an emergency.


Key Takeaway

So there you have it: tips to keep your car running during quarantine. Your car will be one of your best partners when it comes to a crisis like this because you are accessible to modes of mobility that can help you get the job done especially during this lockdown. Keep your car and yourself healthy during this season!

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