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The Toyota Altis: Philippine’s Finest

There is no doubt that the Toyota Altis is a classic vehicle. With its sleek and stylish design, as well as its practicality and user-friendliness, it’s definitely one of the best sedans available in the market today. A big reason why it is being hailed as one of the best is because it was based off of one of the world’s best-selling sedans, Toyota Corolla 11th Generation. As a company, we are also considered as a top seller of cars, with the Altis as our most sold car unit.

Being that it spawned from the 11th generation of a revolutionary vehicle, the Altis was born with good design foundations that pleased and excited the ASEAN people. In the Philippines, the Toyota Altis is definitely prevalent on the roads. This is because of its ever-improving comfort and reliability that makes it a go-to for any generation, not to mention it is extremely affordable.

It is in cars like these that we prove – time and again – to be committed in producing high-quality and long-lasting vehicles. Surely, with such a vehicular success like the Altis, we only have more surprises in store for all you motorists and car enthusiasts all over the world.


The Toyota Altis: A Short History

What many people don’t know is that the Toyota Altis actually didn’t come around until 2002. This is because it is based off an earlier Toyota model that you may also be familiar with: the Corolla. This is why the actual Altis is really called the Toyota Corolla Altis – it is a variation of it!

The original Corolla was given its name, which literally means “small crown” in Latin. We here at Toyota have this certain tradition: we name all our new sedans after or in reference to the Toyota Crown.

This first model of the Corolla was called the Corolla E10 and it was produced back in November 1966 in Japan. This came in a size similar to the current Altis, but in a more classic boxy shape. It had a length of 3.8 meters, width of 1.5 meters, and height of 1.4 meters. But, more importantly, it featured the new 1100 cc K pushrod engine, which made it extremely popular to motorists at the time.

In fact, by 1974, the Corolla E20 – the 2nd generation of the model – became the world’s best-selling car. But even with such an achievement on our belt, we didn’t want to stop the innovations of the Corolla there. Of course, we kept improving to keep this title. These efforts proved to be fruitful when the Corolla E110 – 8th generation – became the best-selling nameplate in the world in 1997, surpassing the most manufactured cars in history.

The modifications and improvements continued into the 21st century with the 9th generation model of the Corolla – the Corolla E120 – introduced in Japan in 2000. This was the model wherein the design received a major overhaul; a facelift you could say. The design became edgier and more modern, which was fitting for Toyota’s transition in the 21st century. This vehicle was introduced in 2000 in Japan and was exported into other countries from 2001-2002.


Introduction of the Toyota Altis to the Philippines and Other ASEAN Countries

The Corolla E120 was launched as a 2002 model in late 2001 in ASEAN countries – such as Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines – as the Toyota Altis. Finally, the name you’ve been waiting for! But the name isn’t the only one that was changed. It also featured new unique interior and exterior panels. This made the Altis even more comfortable to use. At an affordable price, it was an instant hit among motorists. It even won the What Car? Magazine’s “Car of the Year” within the same year it was released.

Just like any Toyota Car, we don’t stop improvements just because of a great achievement. In 2004, we gave the Altis another face lift. The changes included a new grille design, a sleeker front bumper, redesigned fog lamps, new LED tail lights, different alloy wheels, and minor interior updates. Automatic climate control also made its debut in our products with the 2004 Altis. When 2006 rolled in, we added a redesigned grille, redesigned chrome rear license plate ornament, a new third LED brake light, and new audio switches on the steering wheel.

Aside from these aesthetic and functional improvements, the lifespan and durability were also brought to new levels. The Altis proved to have a higher lifespan than all of its Corolla predecessors. This is what makes it the most popular variation of the Corolla in Southeast Asia.

What Makes Toyota Altis Stand Out?

The newest Toyota Altis is very spacious compared to many sedans. With its length of 4.6 meters, width of 1.8 meters, and headroom of 1.5 meters, passengers will have all the space they need to sit comfortably.

It also has an aesthetically elegant design that boasts an aerodynamic and sleek body and exterior. The available colors it comes in are attitude black mica, phantom brown metallic, red mica metallic, white pearl crystal shine, silver metallic, super white, and gray metallic.

The Toyota Altis also features a great interior, which varies depending on the model:

  • Seats: The 1.6 models have high quality and cushy covered seats. Meanwhile, the 2.0V models are lined with fine, sports leather covered seats.
  • Steering Wheels: The 1.6E models are outfitted with 3-spoke urethane steering wheels. Meanwhile, the 1.6V and 2.0 models have 3-spoke leather ones. All our steering wheels are also outfitted with audio controls that allow drivers to switch music safely with ease.

The Toyota Altis in the Philippines also ensures safety. With its electronic brake force distribution and brake assist system, drivers can easily make sudden stops with the car in case of emergency. Additionally, the dashboard is equipped with 7 SRS Airbags to protect drivers and front-seat passengers in case of potentially-fatal impacts. Finally, it has a rear window defogger and a rear bumper reflector to ensure the driver will have clear vision while on the road.

It also features a new cruise control function that is very practical for driving. This allows the cars to maintain a constant speed (at your selection) without having to use the accelerator. Such a feature is useful for long drives because it allows the driver to lessen fatigue and change positions to get comfortable safely. Not to mention, the tendency to subconsciously speedup can be eliminated completely if a speed limit is set in the cruise control system. This is definitely useful to avoid those pesky speeding tickets and to keep your fellow men safe.

Finally, it also has Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). This is a system that helps our cars to prevent from slipping sideways when sudden steering occurs. It does this by tracking and sensing a loss of traction in the vehicle. When this happens, braking is applied to all four wheels and the engine power is reduced to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s passengers. With such a feature, the Altis and our other automobiles have a 35% reduced risk of single-vehicle accidents. This figure is even higher with SUVs at 65%.


What’s Under the Hood of the Toyota Altis?

As you may have guessed by now, there are two versions of the Toyota Altis available today: The 1.6 and the 2.0.

The 1.6-model Toyota Altis is equipped with the following:

  • 1ZR-FE Dual VVT-I, 4 Cylinder In-Line DOHC, 16 Valve Engine, which makes it capable of up to 1598 cc worth of displacement, which also gives the car its distinct purring sound.
  • Engine displacement of 1,598 cm3
  • A maximum output of 122 Ps/6,000 RPM and a maximum torque of 154 NM/5,200 RPM.
  • A maximum torque of 154Nm/5,200
  • CVT transmission
  • These specifics make this the ideal Altis model for drivers, who prefer manual transmission over automatic.

These specifics make this the ideal Altis model for drivers, who prefer manual transmission over automatic.

On the other hand, the 2.0V model comes with the following:

  • A Dual VVT-I 4-Cylinder In-Line DOHC 16 Valve ACIS Engine, which has a displacement capability of up to 1,987 cc.
  • A maximum output of 145 ps/6,200 RPM and maximum torque of 187 NM/3,600 RPM.
  • Engine displacement of 1,987 cm3
  • A maximum torque of 187Nm/3,600
  • CVT transmission

Both models have enough power to sustain drivers for those bad traffic situations and enough power to get you to your destination quickly. The ride is also so smooth that you won't even feel the rough, unpaved road or potholes along the way.


What Makes People Love the Toyota Altis?

The Toyota Corolla and Corolla Altis wouldn’t last all these years in the market if there wasn’t a demand for it. In fact, a quick search on the internet would easily yield that the Toyota Corolla and all its variations are one of the best-selling vehicles of all time. Among its most recent accomplishments are being the best-selling car in 2015 and 2016 (according to and

With all the features it offers, this car is definitely worth every penny. Ask any owner about their Toyota Altis and they’ll rave to you about how great it is. In fact, we’ll show you how much bang for your buck you’ll get when you buy a Toyota Altis in the Philippines today..


How Much Does the Toyota Altis in the Philippines Cost?

The cost of the Toyota Altis in the Philippines depends on customer preferences. Here are the listed details:

  • 1.6E Model with Manual Transmission: Basic model; sells for PHP 896,000.
  • 1.6G Model with Manual Transmission: PHP 936, 000.
  • 1.6G Models with Automatic Transmission: PHP 992,000
  • 1.6V Model with Automatic Transmission: PHP 1,320,000.

From here, it’s all about the aesthetics and performance. A color change will cost an additional PHP 15,000 on top of the aforementioned prices, bringing a total price of PHP 1,028,000 (the white pearl colored Altis comes in at PHP 1,335,000). Then finally, to upgrade the engine to a 2.0L one with automatic transmission, an additional PHP187,000 must be paid. (Prices may vary).

As you can see, there are very basic models that you can own at very affordable prices. That’s what makes owning a Toyota Altis in the Philippines so popular. Of course, you will just need to pay more for the versions that are more comfortable and more efficient.

Where Can I Buy a Toyota Altis in the Philippines?

With over 40 dealerships spread across the country, finding and buying a Toyota Altis in the Philippines won’t be a problem. In Metro Manila alone, there are 17 dealerships. You can find these in the following locations:

  1. Abad Santos
  2. Alabang
  3. Balintawak
  4. Bicutan
  5. Commonwealth
  6. Cubao
  7. Fairview
  8. Global City
  9. Makati
  10. Manila Bay
  11. Marikina
  12. North-Edsa
  13. Otis
  14. Pasig
  15. Pasong Tamo
  16. Quezon Avenue
  17. Shaw

Outside of Metro Manila, the list is even longer, with 37 branches (at the time of writing) to be exact. This number can only be seen growing in the future. A list of 37 branches may be too long for this page so, instead, you can visit our dealership page. Here you will find the complete list of all our dealers in the country, along with their direct lines and addresses.


Why Would a Toyota Altis Go On Sale?

For those who can’t afford the Philippine Toyota Altis at normal prices, don’t be dismayed! We at Toyota give discounts for our vehicles from time to time. We want to make sure that everyone can have the car of their dreams at reasonable costs. For more info about these sale offers, as well as for the latest updates on promos, check out our website or reach us through our contact us page.

Toyota has been making the Altis for the past 15 years. This model is here to stay for the enjoyment of future motorists in the years to come.

With a history of improvement after improvement, the Toyota Altis of the Philippines is the work in progress that everyone can enjoy. The current features will keep any driver safe, comfortable, and satisfied. Meanwhile, car enthusiasts are always in the wait for the next innovation that Toyota has to offer for the newest Altis. At affordable prices, this dream car is just a few pay checks away. But while you are waiting, check out our Choose Your Altis page to see how this dream would look like in reality. Pretty soon, you will be cruising with your own Toyota Altis in the Philippines.

Also, what’s great about Toyota is their wide and diverse catalog of vehicles for you to choose from. If vehicles like the Toyota Vios Philippines and the Toyota Wigo Philippines entice you, then feel free to give them a click!

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