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Car Wars: Toyota Prado vs Mitsubishi Pajero

car wars Toyota prado vs mitsubishi pajero

At this day and age, it’s important to have a vehicle where each and every capability is taken into consideration. Meaning, this vehicle should be one of the best ones to drive in under any circumstance.

The Philippines is widely known for its varying forms of terrain, as well as the traffic that infests the metro. Good thing that there are also tons of vehicles that you can choose from, all of which depends on what you’re looking for when you drive.

With that said, it’s time to set the stage once again for another match that will settle the fate of two renowned automobiles. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for another installment of “Car Wars”!

For this match, two cars from two different worlds will collide on a head-to-head battle to determine who will take home the prestigious title of the “best car,” as well as intense bragging rights for the winner. Our competitors will be the Toyota Prado and the Mitsubishi Pajero!

These two cars will surely set the stage on fire and entice some screams from the crowd as they show off each and every trick under their belts! Without further ado, it’s time for this battle to commence!


Interior and Exterior

As with all the first rounds that have set the stages of previous car wars, this round will focus on what each car has to showcase under their respective belts. After all, as has been said in previous car wars, there’s nothing more convincing than the functions of a car’s interior.

However, we’re about to switch things up a notch, which is why the exteriors are now also considered as an important factor.

Toyota Prado Interior

Source: Zigwheels


The first car is the Toyota Prado, which is also known as a variation of the Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s one of the best cars you can choose for any drive you wish to take. In fact, if you wish to cruise around the metro with your friends, or if you wish to take the high ground and conquer the wild, then the Toyota Prado is definitely for you!

This car can really showcase a lot under its belt. For instance, it comes equipped with the following:

  • a powerful air conditioning,
  • power windows for the front and rear,
  • a heating system,
  • an engine start/stop button,
  • adjustable seats,
  • an electric folding rear view mirror,
  • automatic headlights,
  • an accessory power outlet,
  • power steering,
  • a multi-functional steering wheel,
  • a remote trunk opener, a low fuel warning system,
  • cup and bottle holders,
  • keyless entry,  
  • an on-board computer that enables Bluetooth connectivity,
  • FM/AM radio play,
  • a USB/Auxiliary input option, and
  • a CD player.


Mitsubishi Pajero Exterior

On the other hand, when it comes to the exterior, here are the attributes that the Toyota Prado prides in:

  • fog lights at the front,
  • adjustable rear-view mirrors,
  • front and rear wipers,
  • alloy wheels,
  • a power antenna,
  • a rear spoiler,
  • a side stepper,
  • an outside rearview mirror indicator,
  • chrome grille,
  • a roof rail,
  • a remote fuel lid opener,
  • and front and rear brake types consisting of ventilated discs.


With all these in store for the Toyota Prado, your driving experience is guaranteed to be enjoyable.

And then there’s the other competitor, the Mitsubishi Pajero. This vehicle is also just as well-equipped as its rival. In fact, the Pajero is one of Mitsubishi’s most iconic cars, especially in terms of design and size. If you’re looking for one of Mitsubishi’s finest offerings, then this car is your best bet!

Source: Zigwheels

As mentioned before, in terms of the interior and exterior, the Pajero is just on par with the Toyota Prado. While offering almost the same interior features as the Prado, the Pajero’s offerings on the exterior can make it unique in its own ways, such as the adjustable headlights, chrome grille, a rear brake type consisting of ventilated discs, and even a front brake type consisting of drums. Either way, the Pajero is something that should definitely be on your list!


Mitsubishi Pajero Exterior

Also, what’s splendid about both the Toyota Prado and the Mitsubishi Pajero is that they come in numerous color schemes, all of which cater to the standards of different drivers. Plus, both cars are also one of the most customizable, which in turn puts your ingenuity to the test.


These cars are neck-on-neck on this round! Both the Toyota Prado and the Mitsubishi Pajero have displayed each and every one of their skills and offerings to the best of their abilities; and with this round coming to a close, it’s safe to say that both of them have what it takes to become the victor of this all-out car war!


Engine Performance

When it comes to assessing any car for its skills, build, and even its amenities and features, the one thing to always consider with cars is none other than their engine performances!

Besides, as mentioned before in past car wars, there is nothing more important in a car than its engine because, without it, cars would cease to function as properly as they should.

In this final round, we’ll be taking a look at what both the Toyota Prado and the Mitsubishi Pajero have to offer with their engines, which in turn will decide which car takes the crown for the win!

First and foremost, we’ve all seen what the Prado and the Pajero have to offer in their interior and exterior capabilities. From that, knowledge was gained about these two vehicles, and in turn, their attributes have given us everything we need to know about their engines. With that said, it’s time to commence this round with the first car from Toyota’s arsenal—the Prado!

The Toyota Prado’s engine is something to really value as its capabilities on the road is guaranteed to satisfy you in the long run.

For instance, the Prado’s engine consists of 4 valves per 6 cylinders, with an EFI fuel supply system that enables the car to carry over 87L of Petrol. In terms of their suspensions, the front suspension is a double wishbone variant while the rear suspension is a multi-link variant. For their power, the Prado comes equipped with a horsepower worth 271hp, a torque of 381Nm, and an engine displacement of 3956cc.

On the other hand, the Mitsubishi Pajero comes equipped with an engine of its own.

The Pajero’s engine consists of 4 valves per 6 cylinders, with an MPFI fuel system that enables the car to carry over 88L of Petrol. It also comes with a double wishbone front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension. For the car’s power, the Pajero comes with a horsepower of 246hp, a torque of 329 Nm, and an engine displacement of 3828cc.


The Verdict

These last rounds have been as intense as ever, and both cars have triumphed in their own way. However, like all past car wars, there can only be one winner; and the victor is none other than Toyota’s very own Prado!


With an engine that can really go miles for their drivers, there is no doubt that the Prado really deserves to bear the crown of the “best car,” thus, concluding the latest installment of car wars!

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