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The Toyota Wigo: Philippine’s Finest

Known as the car that is “Easy to Own, Easy to Drive, and Easy to Enjoy”, the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines is the newest addition to the massive roster of Toyota Motors Philippines. A compact design that may very well be complimentary to the modern lifestyle as it is essentially built for any road and tight city lanes, the Philippines’ Toyota Wigo provides the perfect opportunity for you to get out more and experience a hassle-free drive to any destination with your family and friends.

The Toyota Wigo managed to bag the Best Micro Car of the Year Award given by the Car Awards Group for 2014-2015. This is one indicator and guarantee that you need to pick Wigo as your partner on all your future road trips!


The Toyota Wigo: A Short History

It was first introduced in the Indonesian market at the 2012 Indonesia International Motor Show and was originally sold as Daihatsu Ayla; but it was more commonly known as Toyota Agya. The term ‘Agya’ is a Sanskrit word, which means fast.

It was designed by Daihatsu, a Japanese internal combustion engine manufacturer and a subsidiary unit of Toyota Motor Corporation. It was manufactured by Astra Daihatsu of Indonesia. A year after that, it was sold to the general public.

On July 2013, Toyota Motors Philippines announced that they will import the Toyota Agya in the country but under a different name – Wigo, to compete with Mitsubishi’s Mirage. In the year 2014, just a year after the success of the Agya, the Toyota Wigo was launched in Cebu in February as a low-cost green car in the Philippines using the same 1.0 liter 1KR-DE three-cylinder engine, which was also used in the Indonesian version of Wigo.


What Makes the Toyota Wigo Stand Out?

As the Best Micro Car of the Year in the Philippines, the Toyota Wigo has a number of factors that really make it one of the top contenders in the automobile industry. But do these factors abide to its promise of “Easy to own, Easy to drive, and Easy to enjoy?” Yes, definitely. Ask a Wigo owner and surely, he/she will tell you that this car is worth it!

To further inform you about the specs of this vehicle, we’ll go ahead and break down the important points that Toyota’s Wigo uniquely offers its customers.

• Design

Being a city car, its aesthetics definitely play a major role in the decision making of both car enthusiasts and casual drivers. This is the reason why the Philippine Toyota Wigo stands out most in the competition. Equipped with great engine design, it flaunts a smart yet stylish subcompact hatchback exterior. It is simple, sharp, and sleek in its own way.

Moreover, it was ergonomically designed to suit your needs; its modernized exterior of chrome side moldings, door handles, front/rear bumpers, multi-reflector halogen headlamps, and laminated windshield have an upscale finish in order to keep up with the latest trend and classy style – this includes everything from the edgy front grille to the solid rear end bumper.

The Toyota Wigo measures up to a total of 141.7 x 63.8 x 59.8 inches. It is considered by most car enthusiasts and even casual riders a good ride, especially with the prevailing traffic in the country. Its clever design provided a lot of leg room and headspace for passengers to move comfortably while they are on the go. This entire space also allows a maximum of 5 passengers, which is a great advantage given that other cars of its size can only accommodate at least 4. Surely, this is a huge advantage for the Wigo, considering it is an affordable, entry-level car.

• Special Features

One of the best things about Wigo, aside from its ‘too good to be true’ engine design and overall aesthetic, is its beyond standard features. Essentially, it includes the following details:

  • Steering wheel (which looked similarly to that of FJ Cruiser): Toyota’s very own FJ Cruiser has captured the interest of most car owners, especially off-roaders, for its great performance, and smooth, manageable steering wheel. It doesn’t go overboard and doesn’t do less than quick maneuvers – an impressive feat on its own!
  • Multi-info display (MID): Display is an important factor when looking for a car given today’s technology. This state-of-the-art feature of Toyota Wigo has provided much information on driving and performance for drivers to monitor the running power of the auto itself at any time of the day. This includes compass, time, external temperature, average and current fuel consumption levels, among others.
  • Navigation ready 2-DIN entertainment system: It is equipped with an iPod, DVD, and USB playback as well as four speakers. Who doesn’t want to have a great music moment while on the road, especially while you’re stuck in traffic? Truly, Toyota has brought the lifesaving entertainment feature of the year. It has integrated audio controls on the steering wheel, thus, allowing drivers to easily change and manage their playlist without taking their eyes off the road. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • Keyless entry alarm system: This is tagged with an immobilizer to reduce the risk of theft. Your Toyota Wigo will be totally safe and completely anti-theft. With this great technology integrated into the model, you wouldn’t have to worry any further about your auto.
  • Dual airbags and anti-lock brakes: Of course, your safety is a priority to Toyota. Hence, these safety features have been integrated in Wigo.
  • Electric power steering or EHPS: In order to ensure numerous drivers with comfort and in guaranteed safety, Wigo comes with EHPS. This helps them turn the wheels without putting too much effort, especially when using particular speeds, when putting the vehicle at a stop, or when slowing the automobile down.
  • Power mirrors: This very feature allows drivers to be well aware of other vehicles while on the road. This type of side mirror provides better view for the driver, given its electrical means for horizontal and vertical adjustments.
  • Power windows: Similar to the power mirrors, power windows are an electrical means that allow drivers to easily raise or lower down the windows with ease by simply pressing their switch buttons at any time.

Hence, if you are planning to go out for a long road trip ahead, the Toyota Wigo is without a doubt the perfect choice! Basically, you will never go wrong with a Wigo.


What Are the Highlights of the Toyota Wigo’s Performance?

In terms of performance, the Toyota Wigo has a 1.0L three-cylinder engine with 65 Horsepower and 85 NM. This means that accelerating through the highways can be done at a leisurely pace. Plus, the maneuvering and drivability of the Wigo can put you at ease whether it is an automatic or manual transmission. It will provide you with safe and smooth driving due to its agility and seamless transmission, even for a Manual Transmission. Both steering and handling are perfectly adequate, which is an advantage, considering there is heavy traffic constantly present in the Metro. Also, it wouldn’t be too difficult to maneuver your way around tight streets or even in small parking areas while using the Wigo.

Safety measures, of course, is a priority and Wigo does not disappoint; it is equipped with the standard SRS airbags for both the driver and passenger seat, Anti-Lock Brake and Anti-Theft system, as well as a Child Lock Protection system. This automobile can give you all the reassurance you need in terms of security and protection from unforeseeable accidents.


What Makes People Love the Toyota Wigo?

The Toyota Wigo, especially in the Philippines, caters to first-time drivers, seeing as small vehicles are a probable option for them due to the easy drivability and better handling. In spite of its small compact size, it is highly capable of taking you and 4 more of your friends anywhere, zipping around in the Metro with ease while also doing it with style!

But what attracts people most is its value for money. For all young professionals, a subcompact car is always the recommended choice. Wigo is the car that is specifically meant for those who are looking for an upgrade from their simple form of transportation. It is a huge step up from motorcycles or second-hand cars, it is considered as a great starting point for someone who is interested to step into the automobile bandwagon. In short, you can never go wrong once you choose Toyota Wigo.


How Much Does it Cost for a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines?

It’s only natural for car buyers to ask this question: Is a Toyota Wigo worth my money?

Fortunately, Toyota can offer you what you need without putting out a lot of money on the table. Unbeknownst to first-timer car owners, one of the best assets that the Wigo has is its fair price in the market. Hence, it’s not a bit surprising how on demand this Toyota model is since you can easily own one due to their amazing deals:

  • WIGO 1.0G A/T – Php 599,000.00
  • WIGO 1.0G M/T – Php 564,000.00
  • WIGO 1.0E M/T – Php 526,000.00

With the suggested retail price ranging from PHP 526,000 to 599,000, it is without a doubt that the Wigo is a certified hit for the masses. This is definitely the perfect Toyota model for you! And yes, it’s worth the spending.


Where Can I Buy a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines?

As of today, Toyota Motors Philippines has over 40 dealerships nationwide. In Metro Manila alone, there is a total of 16 dealerships that you can visit including:

  1. Abad Santos
  2. Alabang
  3. Balintawak
  4. Bicutan
  5. Commonwealth
  6. Cubao
  7. Fairview
  8. Global City
  9. Makati
  10. Manila Bay
  11. Marikina
  12. North-Edsa
  13. Otis
  14. Pasig
  15. Pasong Tamo
  16. Quezon Avenue
  17. Shaw

Favorably, if you’re near the multi-award-winning Toyota Quezon Avenue branch, you can visit the site at 728 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City or if you have initial inquiries, you may also contact the Quezon Avenue branch trunk line at (02) 554-2000.

Furthermore, if you are outside the Metro, you can also check which dealership is nearest to you by visiting our website at Toyota Philippines or by calling our Customer Assistance Center Hotline (CAC) at (02) 819-2912.

Owning a car need not be difficult with Toyota.


Why Would a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines Go on Sale?

With Toyota’s promise of easily owning a Wigo and to be able to reach out to those first-time car owners and fellow car enthusiasts, Toyota Motors Philippines is offering its loyal customers the deals that they deserve! If you’re a Wigo lover, you can always check out our website for more of our Wigo surprises. You’ll definitely love the promos and discounts – you wouldn’t want to miss them. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and visit our website or contact a Toyota dealer today!

Moreover, Toyota would love to inform you of the latest updates with our mini hatchback, Wigo. Read on for the newest offering of the model below.

What’s New with the Toyota Wigo 2020?

Lately this year, Toyota Motors of Indonesia has launched a better version of the crowd favorite mini car, Toyota Wigo. Of course, shortly after that the Philippines’ Toyota Motors Corporation announced the launch of the said automobile in the region.

So, what’s new with our Wigo?

Similar to Agya, there were a few major differences with the Indonesian version of the new Wigo. However, this does not mean that the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines is to be frowned upon. Surely, the new design has included the same sporty vibe that the Filipino people loved about the hatchback.

Even more so, it also included what could be considered the biggest change in the automobile: the 1.0 liter VVT-i powerplant; thus, providing a better and stronger engine design for the car model.

Furthermore, the refreshed version of Wigo also included a redesigned front fascia that made it look nearly similar to that of the Toyota Altis of the Philippines. It also has a redesigned back bumper, a good-looking alloy wheels measuring up to 14 inches, swoon-worthy projector-type headlamps with line guides, and great rear reflectors, center headset, and LED combination lamps.

With regards to the details, the new Wigo is offering its loyal fans the following:

  • Overall Measurement (LxWxH): 3,660 x 1,600 x 1,520
  • Engine: 1.0-liter VVT-i Powerplant
  • Maximum Power: 66 ps/6,000
  • Maximum Torque: 89 NM/4,400
  • Transmission: 5-speed Automatic
  • Seating: 5
  • Price: PHP 564,000
  • Variants: Orange metallic, Red, Silver metallic, White, Gray metallic, Black

Truth be told, Toyota Motors Corporation is living up to its promise of giving the Filipino people the opportunity to easily learn how to drive (with relative comfort). With its continuous innovation with the engine, design, and technology – you’ll never go wrong with a Toyota Wigo from the Philippines. Go and own one now! Also, if you’re looking for other things that Toyota has to offer you such as the Toyota Fortuner Philippines and the Toyota Vios Philippines, feel free to click their respective links!

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